Comprehensive phenomenon-based learning program for schools.

Ready-to-use fun project plans and online training for teachers to teach as in Finland

Creative Classroom teaches HOW to think - not WHAT to think

  • It enhances creativity

  • It is built upon the Finnish National Core Curriculum of Basic Education

  • Supports the development of 21st-century skills and competencies

  • Uses architecture & design as cross-curricular & real-world phenomena

  • Integrates the different subjects

  • Ready-to-use and easy to implement at any grade

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Each Creative Classroom Learning Package contains one Learning Unit with 24 h of age-specific phenomenal project plans to use in class and access to supportive Teacher Toolkit materials.

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  • Choose your content and subscribe to the unit

  • Learn the Finnish way of cross-curricular teaching online.

  • Complete the test online and get certified to teach the Creative Classroom program.

  • Divide the content over the learning period as you wish: weekly, monthly or intensively during one week.

  • Start teaching your class with step-by-step phenomenal project plans

Choose your content and start teaching like we do in Finland

  • Cross-curricular content from Finland

    Unique and revolutionary phenomenon-based learning from Finland. Each unit is built upon the Finnish National core curriculum. Based on 26 years of experience innovating in education.

  • Phenomenal Project Plans

    Hands-on, 3D, and student-centered learning using Architecture and Design as a real-life phenomenon. The cross-curricular content enhances 21st-century skills, such as creative thinking. Each phenomenal project plan has 24h of ready-to-use learning content, step-by-step instructions, and practical tips.

  • Certification and training

    Learn to teach as in Finland and apply the best practices to your classroom. Each unit contains self-study training program, test and certification for 1 teacher. With more experience teachers are able to apply for advanced certification. Teach HOW to think not WHAT to think!

You can start Creative Classroom with any unit of phenomenal content!

Each unit consists of 24h of fun age-specific multidisciplinary learning content designed for a specific grade to be implemented as needed.

Ready-to-use and easy to implement

Teachers can divide the content over the learning period in multiple ways.

Teachers can implement the best practices from Finland easily. They can integrate the content each 24 h unit intensively in one week, as per the Finnish Phenomenon- Based Learning week model or in weekly sessions of 2 hours or monthly in sessions of 6 hours.

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Creativity is the highest skill of the human brain

Creativity has been recognized by OECD as a new PISA test key subject. Creativity CAN be taught and Creative Classroom fills the resource gap in the schools.

Development in technology is replacing jobs. Education needs to focus on the skills and qualities specific to humans, like creativity and critical thinking, which machines and AI lack. How to equip children and youth for the future? The school needs to cultivate the most important 21st-century skills. Creativity is the new literacy!

“A great thing about this way of doing things is how practical it is and how it develops creativity.”

4th Grade teacher, Helsinki

“The pupils were so enthusiastic, that they didn’t want to stop working on the project. It was hard to get them to go home for the day.”

7th Grade teacher, Helsinki

“In maths we don’t use our craft skills or do any architecture stuff. This way of using math skills is so much more fun.”

4th grade pupil, Helsinki

“We get to do things ourselves, and we end up learning even if we don’t realise we’re learning.”

4th Grade pupil, Helsinki

Powered by Arkki International

Arkki International is a renowned and awarded education company from Finland with 26 years of know-how in the field of phenomenon-based creative learning and curriculum development. Arkki is present in 7 countries and its programs have had a positive impact in the lives of tens of thousands of children.

“We, educators, need to focus on the skills and qualities specific to humans, like creativity and critical thinking, which machines and AI lack. Creative Classroom has the tools to incorporate them into the school curriculum. “

Pihla Meskanen, CEO Arkki International

“Learning should be fun and interesting! The best way to learn is when you don't even realize it!”

Jere Keskinen, Architect Educator and Product Coordinator

“Learning is a way of life and the world is our teacher. Phenomenon-based education connects learning with the world we live in. My biggest reward as a teacher is, when I see knowledge in action.”

Teresa Winter, Architect Educator and Arkki International Content Development

“After only a couple of years we feel that Arkki is becoming an example of good educational practice in Greece, that keeps growing its reputation and its involvement in broader educational matters. The best is yet to come.” .

Stavros Martinos, Arkki Academic Director Greece and Cyprus

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