Available Learning Units

Units 1-9 available now. Discover amazing content and training to teach as in Finland.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I know which Learning Unit to choose?

    Each Learning Unit is designed to a specific age range combining different school subjects in interdisciplinary project work (phenomenon-based learning). You can see the suggested grades on top of each lerning unit. Sign up for the free preview in each learning unit to learn more about the subjects integrated & learning content.

  • Where can I find more information?

    Sign up for free Creative Classroom Info: https://www.creativeclassroom.fi/courses/creative-classroom-demo

  • How many Learning Units should I take?

    Each Learning Unit is a whole of 24 h and can be taught as you wish: weekly, monthly or intensively during one week. When you are ready you can continue with another suitable learning unit, there is no particular order or amount, it all depends on your needs and wishes.

  • Are there more Learning Units available?

    More learning units for different ages, subjects and themes are coming up soon! Our goal is to create a library of learning units so that teachers and schools can find relevant content suitable for their specific needs.