A single learning unit subscription includes a complete toolkit for teachers

Choose your age group and content and start implementing the best practices from Finland in your classroom

  • 24 h. of ready-to-use phenomenal project plans for your classroom

  • Self-study training for teachers

  • Certification from Finland

Single unit subscription

Each Creative Classroom Unit contains 24 h of age-specific phenomenal project plans to use in class, methodology and training for one teacher

  • €370,00 / year

    Access for one teacher valid for 1 year. You can cancel your subscription at any time. You will still have use of your paid plan for the rest of the billing period.

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Special start-up package with multiple units for schools

If you are aiming to several age groups, multiple learning units and / or more than 3 teachers ask for an offer at hello@creativeclassroom.fi

  • Several phenomenal content units for several age groups

  • Self-study training for teachers

  • Certification from Finland for multiple contents

  • Possibility for additional onsite training

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